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Welcome to my site!
Where ideas get built and problems get solved.

About Me

What describes me?

Problem Solver

Extremely passionate about looking simple solutions for real life problems. Isn't that what all this is about?


Always excited get my hands around a new project/problem, to research about it and to start breaking it into pieces.

Efficiency & Quality

Is not only about if it works or not, but caring about details and finding an elegant and efficient solution to each problem.


What have I done?

netboost page screenshot


PHP - Custom Framework

gallaxy collonies screenshot

Space Colonies

JavaScript Game - Game Jam

Comrade Cafe

JavaScript - JQuery Front-end

Remote Controller

Under construction in Django + React

Android Projects

SIP Comunication and Geolocation

Other Projects

Remuneration Model, ABC Costing and Others


How did I get here?

  • 2008-2013

    Industrial Engineer, IT Diploma

    I graduated from my Engineer Degree from Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, ranked as the #1 university in latin america by on 2018.

  • 2011-2013

    Part Time Developer

    During the years of my Degree, I managed to get some part-time jobs from different projects. Some technologies used here were .NET, JavaScript and Java for android.

  • 2Q 2014-2Q 2017

    Comercial Analyst - Sr. Financial Analyst

    On May 2014, I was employed as a Comercial Analyst in Credicorp Capital, an international investment bank. On March 2016, I was promoted to Sr. Financial Analyst. Part of my work consisted on regular reports to the headquarters and accounting area, together with projects like ABC costing and Remuneration model.

  • 3Q 2017-Present

    Web Development

    After 3 years, I returned to follow my passion for developing. I enrolled to Humber College, Toronto, and have been exploring all my different interests for coding.

  • Going
    for the

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